Matchplay 2018

The first Stage of Competition will be 2 groups of 5 pairs. Each pair will play the other pairs in the group once (4 games). The format for the group stages will be better ball matchplay with handicaps taken on 90% of diff between lowest handicap player and the others.

There will be 3 pts per match, 1 point for 1st 9 , 1 point 2nd 9, 1 point Overall

The top 2 teams from each group will go through to the knockout stages. Read the rules carefully

Group 1 M&PE M&PA S&J R&A T&P Match points
Mark Adderley & Pete Gale M&PE 0 0 2 0 2
Martin Brierley &
M&PA 3 0 2 0 5
Shawn M& Johnny J S&J 3 3 0 0.5 6.5
Romeo & Alessandro R&A 0 0 3 0.5 3.5
Tom & Park T&P 3 3 2.5 2.5 11


Group 2 F&D A&D P&N R&E Match points
Fred Narthasilpa &
Derek Johnstone
F&D 1.0 2.5 0 3.5
Tony & Dietmar A&D 2.0 1 3 6.0
Paul W & Neil P&N 0.5 2 0 2.5
Richard & Ed J R&E 3 0 2 5

Knockout stage

This will be straight Knockout, which means no draws are allowed, so please decide before the match how you are going to resolve a draw: replay, extra holes, putting or coin toss.

Semi Final Final
Tom& Park v Richard&ed Jones
Tony& Dietmar v Shawn& Johnny
Richard & Ed Jones v Winners SF2


Qualification: All players must have a current Wanderers handicap which must be kept valid throughout the competition.
Each game will be 4 ball better ball. Handicap to be calculated as 90% of the difference between the lowest handicap player and the others. For example, if the lowest is 5 and others are 10,15,24. Then the 5 handicapper receives no shots , 10 receives (10-5)*.9=4.5 =5, 15 receives (15-5)*.9=9, 24 receives (24-5)*.9=17.1=17. Lowest net score wins the hole.

Arranging the Match and timescales.
It is allowed to replace a pair member with another name before the 1st game is played. After that no substitutions are allowed.

In the group stages if a pair does not play all its games, then all of their results will be deducted i.e. only games between other 3 pairs will count.

Group Matches to be completed before 3rd Sep 2018
Semi-finals before 22nd October 2018
Final before Club Champs on Dec 1st 2018

According to the Rules of Golf, you cannot mix formats in one competition. This means that if the match is arranged at another tournament, the players cards cannot be entered into that competition or the Match is null and void and will have to be replayed.

In the event that a mutual venue cannot be agreed then Vintage will be the venue of the match. Please arrange games well before the end date and keep us informed of the result so we can update the status.

Prime contact is Mark Adderley but copy Wanderers.

Enjoy the competition and may the best pair win.