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Membership is open to any player capable of playing in tournaments and willing to hand over 1000 Baht for Lifetime membership. Click here

Current Committee members

Position Name Mugshot Job description
Chairman Andy Flynn The Chairman is responsible for the organisation of the Club, the Committee and its members. He chairs all meetings including the AGM.
Club Captain Mark Adderley The Club Captain is responsible for the planning and running of all events.
Honorary Secretary Peter Clark The Club Secretary handles all correspondence with the membership.
Handicap Secretary Karen Holloway The handicap secretary inputs all score data from events into our software and maintains the records. Manual adjustments of handicaps are made at the Handicap Secretary’s discretion.
Treasurer Anthony Everett The Treasurer maintains a record of all the Club’s financial transactions and produces a monthly balance-sheet. The Treasurer presents an annual report to the AGM, which has been audited.
General Member John Bell
General member Julien Raybaud-Gines

Wanderers Local Rules

We play our tournaments by the Rules of the R&A, and have local rules to clarify with most situations. All members are expected to be familair with the rules. Read them here