BWGC Eligibility Rules

Keeping your Bangkok Wanderers (BWGC) handicap active and eligibility criteria for competitions.

Note that your BWGC handicap status will lapse if you have not played in a Wanderers event within the previous six (6) months, but it will be re-activated automatically once you play in a scheduled Wanderers event (these typically are held at least twice a month). In addition, BWGC members whose active handicap have lapsed can still compete in BWGC non-major events if they have played in either a Londoners or British Club competition within the previous two (2) months and possess a valid world handicap.

To check your handicap status, please see the website.

BWGC Handicap Status

To be eligible for our major event prizes (such as the Club Championships, the DOC Trophy, Captain’s Cup and the Masters), players must have both an active BWGC handicap and to have played in a minimum of eight (8) BWGC competitions within the calendar year preceding the major event. Those who have not satisfied these minimum requirements can play in the event but are not eligible for the major event prizes.

To check the events in which you have played, please see the website.

Played events.