BWGC Matchplay

BWGC  Matchplay Rules
Format: Singles Matchplay in conformity with the rules of the R&A.

All players must have a current Wanderers handicap which must be kept valid throughout the competition.

Handicap: Full handicap difference is applied using your BWGC Playing Handicap.
The lower handicap player plays off scratch, the higher handicap player plays off the difference between the higher and lower handicaps. Note: BWGC Playing handicaps to be used (not exact handicaps).
For example; Player “A” Handicap is 5
Player “B” Handicap is 12
Handicap calculation is 12 – 5 = 7, therefore player “B” receives one shot on each of the 7 lowest index holes.
Lowest net score wins the hole.

Combining Matchplay and Strokeplay, Formats: The combining of Matchplay with Strokeplay formats is allowed.

When players elect to combine Matchplay with Strokeplay Formats at BWGC events the players MUST follow the BWGC rules for the strokeplay event and these rules must be applied throughout the match. For example, no concessions are allowed and if one player plays out of turn, the other does not have the option of recalling the stroke.

If players request a ruling having combined Matchplay and Strokeplay format the Committee will apply the Rules of Golf as they would apply to each of Matchplay and Strokeplay format separately. For example, if one player did not complete a hole for whatever reason, then he or she is disqualified from the Strokeplay competition for not holing out. But, in Stableford providing the players score zero points there is no penalty.
Players playing their Matchplay matches at BWGC Strokeplay format events will be eligible the event prizes, annual competitions, including BWGC Masters qualification and such rounds will count as “Major” qualification rounds.

Matchplay timescale: The singles Matchplay championship will be played over several rounds, each round having a deadline for its completion. The deadlines will be published when the Matchplay registration is opened.
Match Times and Venues: The player with the lower handicap in each match will propose a date, time and venue for the match. If the proposed date, time or venue is unsuitable then it is the responsibility of the opponent to come to an amicable agreement that will allow completion of the match before the stipulated deadline. If players are not able to agree on a venue for their match, they must agree to play their match at the BWGC home course, Vintage Golf Club, before the deadline for the round (not necessarily at a BWGC Medal event) or face disqualification. If the match cannot be concluded by the deadline then the Committee, after consideration of the circumstances, may designate one player to go through to the next round or exceptionally disqualify both players from the competition. If one of the players is a member of the Committee then he/she will be excluded from the decision making process.

Tees: Play will be from the regular Tees, Men are to use the White tees and ladies are to use the Red tees, unless there is mutual prior agreement to use alternative tees.
If the match is being played at a BWGC event, the BWGC competition tees must be used
Resolution Of Tied Matches: In the event that a match ends up Tied after the stipulated 18 holes, then one of the following options for deciding the winner of the match should be used.
Note that the players must decide before the match which option will be used to decide the winner if the match is tied:
1. Play extra hole(s) if course permits (note, this may not be an option at some courses).
2. Play another game, if it can be arranged within the time frame for the round.
3. Play 9 holes on the putting green, with starting honours decided by a coin toss. Play on the putting green to proceed according to the rules of golf.
4. Coin toss to decide winner.
Disputes: Any disputes should be resolved before the end of the match. As it is not possible to have a referee with each match, unresolved disputes must be referred to the Matchplay Convener as soon as possible after the match. The subsequent decision of the Matchplay Convener and Committee will be final.

Match Results: The match result should be emailed to the Matchplay Convener as soon as possible after completion of the match.
Enjoy the competition and may the best person win.